April 2024

Prova d’Orchestra (1978) – Federico Fellini
15 April 2024 | 19.30

An allegorical pseudo-documentary, the film depicts an orchestra assembling to rehearse under the instruction of a tyrannical conductor.

Buñuel, a Surrealist Filmmaker (2021) – Javier Espada
16 April 2024 | 19.30

Following 2 earlier films about Luis Buñuel, Javier Espada now explores the cross-pollination between Buñuel and surrealism.

Fugitive Cinema (1967–71): Three short films by Robbe De Hert
17 April 2024 | 18.30

Three of De Hert’s films, made as part of the Fugitive Cinema collective. A short animation film, an indicting documentary, and an absurdist fiction film.

Blue Velvet (1986) – David Lynch
18 April 2024 | 19.30

A teenager finds a severed ear and begins an investigation, slowly drawing back the curtain on the dark underbelly of his small town life.

Annette (2021) – Leos Carax
22 April 2024 | 09.00

Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard are ill-fated lovers in this musical romp. After the screening, a masterclass with cinematographer Caroline Champetier.

Daisies (1966) – Věra Chytilová
22 April 2024 | 19.30

Two young women, both named Marie, revolt against a degenerate, decayed and oppressive society, attacking symbols of wealth and bourgeois culture.

Belgian Art Cinema (1938–60): Three short films
23 April 2024 | 18.30

Three short films by Charles Dekeukeleire, Henri Storck and Luc de Heusch, each documenting inspiration, avant-garde, surrealism and art in general.

Meet the Director: Sarah Lederman
24 April 2024 | 19.30

As part of the exhibition Chantal Akerman: Travelling, Bozar selected three short films by Lederman that will be screened at Cinéma RITCS.

Clerks (1994) – Kevin Smith
25 April 2024 | 19.30

This ’90s cult classic about minimum wage lethargy was filmed on a $27,000 budget, but became so popular it made Kevin Smith a household name.

Ran (1985) – Akira Kurosawa
29 April 2024 | 19.30

This magnificent masterpiece by the mature Kurosawa reinterprets Shakespeare’s King Lear as an historical epic in sixteenth-century Japan.

Taxandria (1994) – Raoul Servais
30 April 2024 | 18.30

Taxandria is a dizzying combination of inventive, mesmerizing visuals and a classical adventure story, which took over a decade to produce.