The Cinéclub RITCS is a collective of students that come together monthly to choose 3-5 titles for the cinema. The Cinéclub has complete editorial control over which films it selects.

Membership of the Cinéclub is open to any current RITCS-students. If you are interested in joining, send an e-mail to Cinéclub president Flora. The Cinéclub is currently finished for the 2023-24 season and will return in September 2024.

The Cinéclub is also on Letterboxd.

Cinéclub meetings & themes of 2023-24
War, Peace and Make Believe
Choosing films for June 2024
16 May 2024
“Magical Roads”
Choosing films for May 2024
16 April 2024
Trois Couleurs”
Choosing films for April 2024
5 March 2024
“On Bread and Water”
Choosing films for March 2024
15 February 2024
Childhood Trauma in the Animal Kingdom
Choosing films for February 2024
25 January 2024
“Artificial Intelligence, Natural Stupidity”
Choosing films for January 2024
7 December 2023
“Fever Dreams in Borderland”
Choosing films for December 2023
26 October 2023
“Sexual Awakenings”
Choosing films for November 2023
3 October 2023
“Death and Beauty”
Choosing films for October 2023
5 September 2023