December 2023

Sur l’Adamant (2023)
4 Dec 2023

A unique psychiatric treatment center, floating on the Seine in the heart of Paris, is chronicled in this documentary by director Nicolas Philibert.

Broken View (2023)
5 Dec 2023

A poetic essay film on the colonial gaze and the magic lantern. This early type of image projector was used in Belgian colonial propaganda.

Paprika (2006)
6 Dec 2023

When a dream device is stolen, chaotic dream visions begin assaulting the real-life Tokyo. Therapist Atsuko enters the dreamscape to find the cause.

S (1998)
11 Dec 2023

A young woman goes on a rampage against those who have wronged her in this violent Belgian cult film. With special guest Natali Broods.

La Règle du jeu (1937)
12 Dec 2023

Keeping with French comedic traditions, Jean Renoir structured this study of decadence and bourgeoisie cynicism through centering multiple characters.

Il lavoro (1962)
13 Dec 2023

Visconti’s part of BOCCACIO ‘70, in which four Italian directors (De Sica, Fellini, Monicelli and Visconti) contributed a short film on the subject of love.

Borgman (2013)
18 Dec 2023

A disturbing depiction of a man who wreaks havoc on other people’s lives. With special guests Alex van Warmerdam and Anne Malherbe.

The Holy Mountain (1973)
19 Dec 2023

Grotesque, transgressive and hypnotizing, Jodorowsky’s magnum opus is a mind-bending excursion into the meaning of wealth and immortality.

Banditi a Orgosolo (1961)
20 Dec 2023

Director De Seta enlisted the help of local farmers as actors. For them, the fictionalized cycle of injustice and revenge was already a generational reality.

Showing Up (2022)
21 Dec 2023

“Things usually get done – just not on time.” These wise words from artist Lizzie (Michelle Williams) sum up the paradox at the heart of this engaging film.