Programmation: Wouter Hessels
Coordination, Promotion & Cinéclub: Flora Woudstra Hablé
Film Projection Supervisor: Annelore van Gool
Trailers: Mauro De Groeve

I want to reserve the cinema for a private screening / DCP test. Who do I e-mail?
To organize an event like this, e-mail Tomas Vogels, departmental coordinator at RITCS, to negotiate a date and price. Please be aware that space is extremely limited, since Cinema RITCS is used for educational purposes at RITCS during the day and is frequently booked for RITCS events on Thursday. In addition, we cannot operate on Friday evenings.

I want to organize a public screening in the cinema.
If you are a RITCS-student, you can have a vote in the film programme by joining the Cinéclub. If not, you can still e-mail Flora and/or Wouter with your proposal.