May 2023

Rose Island (2020) – Sydney Sibilia
2 May 2023 | 19.30

A visionary engineer creates his own utopia in a short-lived island nation, founded before the coast of Rimini in 1968. Based on a true story.

Baghdad Messi (2023) – Sahim Omar Kalifa
3 May 2023 | 19.30

Iraqi teenager Hamoudi dreams of being a professional soccer player. When he loses his leg in a terrorist attack, his dreams are thrown in jeopardy.

The Warriors (1979) – Walter Hill
8 May 2023 | 19.30

In this cult classic, a raucous group of gangsters sets out on an Odyssean journey through ’80s New York, battling rival gangs along the way.

La jetée (1962) – Chris Marker
9 May 2023 | 21.30

Chris Markers masterful short film, considered by many to be his best, reflects on the power of memory and the inevitability of the passage of time.

The Handmaiden (2016) – Park Chan-wook
15 May 2023 | 19.30

In 1930s Korea, a conman hires a pickpocket to win the trust of a rich Japanese heiress. However, sapphic love blooms, threatening the conman’s plans.

Charulata (1964) – Satyajit Ray
16 May 2023 | 19.30

Ray’s exquisite story of a woman’s artistic and romantic yearning takes place in late 19-century India. A delicate tale of a marriage in jeopardy.

Burning Days (2022) – Emin Alper
17 May 2023 | 19.30

A parable on small-town corruption in rural Turkey, centered on an outside prosecutor daring to stand up against unwritten laws.