Cinema RITCS is the home cinema of the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound. We are located inside the RITCS Dansaert building. Read more..Every month, Cinema RITCS hosts cult film festival Offscreen for a screening of a carefully curated cult classic. Read more.. The Cinéclub is a collective of RITCS-students. They program 3-4 films per month for Cinema RITCS, and usually introduce their film choices themselves. Read more..
Yes! On March 14, 2024, we finally joined Cineville, the cooperation of cinemas in Brussels and Wallonia. Read more..Every month, one Cinema RITCS screening is freely accessible for Different Class members. Read more..Cinema RITCS has regularly collaborated with Cinea to show restored versions of worthy classics from film history. Read more..
Cinema RITCS will be hosting Bozar, the centre for fine arts in Brussels, for a series of screenings from March-June 2024. Read more..On occasion, Cinema RITCS shows films that were restored by the Royal Belgian Film Archive of Cinematek. Read more..The Universitaire Associatie Brussel (UAB) is a supporting partner for our Power of Belgian Cinema program. Read more..