Fugitive Cinema (1967–71): Three short films by Robbe De Hert

This screening is part of The Power of Belgian Cinema.

It includes a lecture that starts at 6:30 PM.
The film itself will begin around 7:45 PM.
There is also a Q&A afterwards.

17 April 2024 | 18.30

69 minutes | OV-NL st EN (Dutch language, English subtitles)
Nederlands onder // Texte français en bas

Lecture “The Fugitive Cinema” by Gertjan Willems + Three short films by Robbe De Hert
This is the seventh in “The Power of Belgian Cinema”, a series of combined lectures and screenings highlighting the accomplishments of Belgian filmmakers on an international level. Over the course of eleven evenings, eleven Belgian film scholars will visit Cinema RITCS to discuss important movements, films, filmmakers in the moving history of Belgian cinema. Each lecture is followed by a screening of a Belgian film (with English subtitles). The screening is then followed by a short Q&A with the film scholar or an invited filmmaker.

18:30 – 19:30 : Lecture
19:45 – 21:45 : Film

About the films
Three of De Hert’s films, made as part of the Fugitive Cinema collective. A short animation film, an indicting documentary, and an absurdist fiction film.

We start the evening with A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO GOLGOTHA (1967) (6 mins). A short animation film about the crusade of a Hebrew figure who is looking for somewhere to lay down his cross.

We then continue with THE DEATH OF A SANDWICHMAN (1971) (33 mins). An indicting documentary about the commercialisation of cycling and the death of world champion Jean-Pierre Monseré in 1971.

We finish with THE BOMB (1969) (33 minutes), part of a film in three parts about problems of contemporary society. THE BOMB is about a man who finds an atomic weapon in his backyard and tries to use it to force the government into laying down its arms for good. With the legendary Flemish writer Louis Paul Boon.

About the speaker
Gertjan Willems is associate professor in film studies at the University of Antwerp and visiting professor at Ghent University. His research expertise spans across the domains of Belgian cinema, media and cultural identity and diversity, media and nation-building, film policy and adaptation studies. He has published 3 books and he has curated film programs and retrospectives for several film festivals and cultural institutions.

Lezing “The Fugitive Cinema” door Gertjan Willems + Drie kortfilms van Robbe De Hert

Dit is de zevende film in de reeks “THE POWER OF BELGIAN CINEMA”, waarin telkens een klassieke Belgische film wordt voorgesteld met een Engelstalige lezing. De film wordt daarna vertoond met Engelse ondertiteling.

We vertonen drie kortfilms van Robbe De Hert uit de periode van het Fugitive Cinema-collectief; A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO GOLGOTHA (1971), DE DOOD VAN EEN SANDWICHMAN (1971) en DE BOM (1969), met legendarische Vlaamse schrijver Louis Paul Boon.

Conference “The Fugitive Cinema” par Gertjan Willems + Trois courts-métrages de Robbe De Hert

C’est la septième séance de la série « THE POWER OF BELGIAN CINEMA » (LA PUISSANCE DU CINÉMA BELGE), dans laquelle un film belge classique est présenté avec une conférence en anglais. Le film sera ensuite projeté sous-titré en anglais.

Après la conference, on va projeter trois courts-métrages de Robbe De Hert, qu’il a réalisés avec le collectif de Fugitive Cinema; A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO GOLGOTHA (1971), DE DOOD VAN EEN SANDWICHMAN (1971) et DE BOM (1969), avec l’écrivain flamand légendaire Louis Paul Boon.

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